You probably know what a considerable investment roof replacement can be. That’s why you should make the most of it, and you can start by choosing the roof system that suits your home best. JBC Contracting, your premier roofing contractor, shares four of the essential factors you need to consider with your choice.


4 Factors to Consider in Your Roof Replacement

1. Overall Look. You’ll want a replacement roof that can make your home stand out for all the right reasons. For this reason, make sure that your choice matches perfectly with your home’s architectural style. Some roofing materials are traditionally associated with a specific home style. Slate, for instance, looks excellent with classical Victorian, Craftsman, or Colonial homes. Wood shakes work better with Cottage and Cabin styles, while metal matches sleekly with contemporary-modern.

If you’d rather stick to asphalt roofing, however, turn to your trusted roofing company, JBC Contracting. We offer a broad range of shingles from GAF®, North America’s largest roof manufacturer. These architectural shingles are available in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses. They can also emulate the look of authentic slate and wood shakes, allowing for extensive design possibilities.

2. Area Climate. Your new roof should provide an effective weather barrier to keep your home dry and damage-free. Take the time to study your area’s weather patterns and pick the perfect material that can withstand them. This ensures that your new system will perform better and longer.

3. Energy Efficiency. You can make the most of your home improvement by choosing a roof that can help you save energy. JBC Contracting can help you with this. We work with some of the leading brands in the industry, including GAF. Their bestselling series, Timberline® Cool, can help reduce attic heat buildup, resulting in a more comfortable home minus the high energy costs.

4. Ease of Installation. Going for more premium materials like slate and tile requires an additional support structure. This ensures that your home can take on the weight of these heavier roofing systems. You won’t have to worry about this when you turn to your reliable roofer, JBC Contracting. Our selection of GAF shingles is lightweight and easier to install, but can still provide the superior weather protection you need.

JBC Contracting is the premier company you can trust with your roof replacement needs. Call us at (303) 515-7501 or fill out our form today for a free quote.