Gutters are a serious investment, like getting a new roof for your home. When reviewing proposals from gutter contractors, it’s important to consider all options before committing to a project. Don’t be swayed by the lowest bid, the color options, or unproven features. Consider the following factors first:

4 Factors to Consider when Buying New Gutters

  1. Materials The choice of materials is a major factor in your gutters’ longevity. After all, elements constantly hit your gutters. You’ll want gutters that can withstand anything that nature throws at it. It pays to do a bit of research on the advantages and disadvantages of gutter materials. For instance, aluminum doesn’t corrode, but being a soft metal means it would sag under heavy rainfall. Copper is extremely durable and actually looks better once the patina sets in. However, it doesn’t work for certain architectural styles, and it costs more than typical gutter materials. Galvanized steel is popular for its cost-to-performance ratio. At JBC Contracting, you can even choose a color that matches your exterior palette.
  2. Roof pitch This refers to the roof’s steepness and is a factor in selecting gutter size. Narrow and/or shallow gutters like five-inch half-rounds are sufficient for low-pitch or nearly flat roofs. The steeper and bigger the roof gets, the faster the rainwater rushes down. This requires wider and deeper gutters like six-inch K-style gutters.
  3. Mounting systems You will need high-performance gutter hangers to ensure the weight of the rainwater doesn’t drag the gutters all the way down. When this happens, you need to schedule for a gutter and roof repair. Contractors usually nail gutter hangers to the eaves, but the spikes could introduce moisture into the wood and could weaken your eaves. You can opt for hangers designed to attach without spikes.
  4. Warranties Warranties have now become the norm for any home improvement project. It’s important that you to review the terms and conditions before signing that contract. Pay special attention to duration of the coverage, types of damages covered, and situations that might void the warranty. The latter is important if you’re planning future upgrades to your roofing.

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