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Roof Replacement in Sheridan, Colorado

The roofs covering Colorado’s homes and office buildings (particularly those installed by us here at JBC) typically provide residents with optimal protection year in and year out. Yet with all that the local climate has to throw at them, they’re bound to experience a few issues along the way. Taking care of issues now helps protect you from having to spend a fortune addressing water and weather damage in the future. Our roofing company can help deal with those problems quickly and effectively, with minimal intrusion into your family life or daily business routine.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Many often wonder how exactly roof damage happens, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent it. While special cases always exist, the three most common causes of extensive roof damage are:

  • Shingle deterioration: Over time, the asphalt granules that allow shingles to provide such excellent protection against the elements begin to be blown, chipped, or sloughed off. Once enough granules have been lost, the shingles are easily split or blown off.
  • Cracks in flashing: The flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights provides a waterproof seal where shingles and roof coatings can’t. Yet the stresses flashing experiences at certain points can cause cracks, which allows water to seep into the roof deck and saturate insulation, cause water damage, or even problems with your electrical systems.
  • Storm damage: High winds can blow or tear shingles away, while ice dams formed from heavy snow buildup can add excess stress to overhangs and gutters. If you happen to notice heavy ice buildup or fallen shingles around your property after a severe storm, then immediate repairs are needed.

We here at JBC can halt the spread of roofing issues before they require a complete roof replacement. Routine inspections as part of a roof certification program can help fortify your roof against damage altogether.

Let Us Help You

The moment you start seeing leaks, fallen shingles, paint bubbling in the walls and ceilings, or any of the other telltale signs of needing roof repair, call us right away. Any delays could leave both your roof and your bank account in bad shape. As the Denver, Colorado Roofing Specialists, we’ll be there to get you back to enjoying the comfort you, your family, and/or your employees have grown accustomed to. Feel free to call us any time at (303) 346-8285, or take a few moments to fill out our online contact form.

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