Roof Insulation

Roof Replacement

If installed correctly, your new roof can easily deliver you another two to three decades. Of course, if you choose to trust such a project to just any roofing company, that’s a big ‘IF.’ You don’t have to worry about such concerns when we at JBC are on the job. We invite you to see for yourself why we’ve been dubbed ‘Your Denver, Colorado Roofing Specialists.’

Roof Replacement in Sheridan, Colorado

Roof Repairs

The moment you start seeing leaks, fallen shingles, paint bubbling in the walls and ceilings, or any of the other telltale signs of needing roof repair, call us right away. Any delays could leave both your roof and your bank account in bad shape. As the Denver, Colorado Roofing Specialists, we’ll be there to get you back to enjoying the comfort you, your family, and/or your employees have grown accustomed to.


Roof Certification

If your mortgage provider requires a roof certification for your home, we at JBC are the roofing company to call. We’ll come and take a look at it, perform any repairs that made be needed, and give you the endorsement needed to satisfy their demands. The routine inspections that you’ll enjoy as part of earning your certification will also help safeguard your home from future damage.

Roof Repair


Of all of your home’s exterior systems, your roof tends to get the most attention. Yet one crucial component system that cannot be overlooked is your gutters and downspouts. While your roof shields you from water and other falling or windblown debris, it’s your gutters that actually carry those elements away from your home to prevent them from causing eventual damage from their buildup. This is why we at JBC advise all of our clients to address any issues with their gutters at the same time that they’re seeking roof replacement and repair.