Support Your Roof with Sound Gutters

Of all of your home’s exterior systems, your roof tends to get the most attention. Yet one crucial component system that cannot be overlooked is your gutters and downspouts. While your roof shields you from water and other falling or windblown debris, it’s your gutters that actually carry those elements away from your home to prevent them from causing eventual damage from their buildup. This is why we at JBC advise all of our clients to address any issues with their gutters at the same time that they’re seeking roof replacement and repair. Just how important are your gutters to roof’s overall performance? Well, we included them in our name, didn’t we?

Steel Gutters

Creating Gutters and Downspouts Customized to Your Home

There are a lot of different factors that go into determining your exact gutter needs. These may include:

  • The pitch or grade of your roof
  • The placement of tress around your home
  • Local precipitation patterns

We examine the layout of your roof to give an accurate idea of exactly how many feet of gutters and downspouts that you’ll need, as well as where they should be placed. We know how to strategically place drainage outlets to avoid pooling from downspouts from your upper to lower roof. We can also recommend the ideal gutter thickness to handle the annual rain and snowfall Colorado’s climate delivers. When it comes to gutter materials we offer high-quality steel gutters from trusted manufacturers such as Weather Guard and Spectra Metal Sales. These combine the best of both aluminum and steel gutters: added strength and protection from wear and corrosion. Plus, they can be painted to match the shade of your shingles.

Your Partner in Home Exterior Protection


As you can see, an effective, freely-flowing gutter system is as vital to your home’s continued protection as a structurally sound roof. That’s why we here at JBC have included comprehensive gutter care as part of our roof repair service package. We can ensure that the water, leaves, and other debris continue to roll off of your roof and away from your home. To discuss your particular gutter needs, call us at (303) 346-8285, or fill out our convenient online contact form.