The roof comes first into most homeowners’ minds when the subject of their property’s exterior comes up. While the roofing system acts as the barrier from unwanted debris and rainwater, the gutters play an equally significant role. They transport these unwanted elements away from your home to prevent build-up that will eventually cause damage. Even if you have excellent roofs, they will become inefficient without sound gutters.


Benefits of High-Quality Gutter Systems

At JBC Contracting, we understand the importance of having a sound gutter system. Some of the benefits of high-quality gutter systems are:

  • Prevention of soil erosion and foundation problems
  • Preservation of the house’s landscaping and the house itself
  • Prevention of flooding
  • Prevention of water staining on walls
  • Lessening of settling or cracking of sidewalks, driveways, and patios

Our Gutter Services

Fortunately, JBC Contracting’s roof repair package comes inclusive of a comprehensive gutter care service. We make sure that our services are tailored according to your house’s needs. We can perform a detailed survey of the layout of your roof for an accurate estimate. We can also make sure that there’s strategic placing of your gutters.

We can also recommend the ideal gutter thickness that can withstand the changing climate of Colorado. By working with trusted manufacturers, we can provide the best combination of aluminum and steel gutters. This assures you of added strength and protection from wear and tear.

Our Certifications

As certified roof inspectors, we can help you inspect any damaged shingles or roofing tiles, cracks in the flashing, or blockages in the gutter system, or any other potential movement of the roof or its materials. Every roofing certification that we have assures you that your roof will be strong enough to withstand major problems.

Now, drain those woes away! Call us at (303) 346-8285, so we can start discussing your particular gutter needs. You can also fill out our contact form.