A well-maintained gutter system is a reliable one. You must tend to your gutters and downspouts just the same way with exterior components to keep water damage at bay. JBC Contracting discusses the common gutter issues homeowners face and their solutions.

Issues of Unmaintained Gutters and Their Solutions



Clogging happens when debris accumulates and creates blockages, preventing rain and snowmelt from flowing freely away from your home. Any trapped liquid could seep into and dampen interior components, causing structural damage. The constant presence of moisture is detrimental to your roof and other vulnerable home areas. When unaddressed, the issue might merit a major roof repair.

Although an open gutter system can’t help but catch debris, there’s a way to minimize clogging. Apart from regularly cleaning it, we can strategically customize it based on the placement of trees around your home. It allows us to design your gutter system in a way that naturally prevents debris accumulation.


Bad hardware is usually the culprit behind sagging. When your gutters begin to pull away from the fascia, their hangers have most likely deteriorated. They may have also been placed too far from each other, which means they can’t support the collective weight of your gutter system.

At JBC Contracting, we ensure your gutters stay properly fastened to ensure years of performance. We use premium steel gutter products from top brands such as Spectra Metal Sales and Weatherguard. Our team knows how to install hardware pieces right, allowing them to shoulder the weight of the gutters and the water that they carry.


Water leakage usually occurs when the sealant used to cover the joints fails. Regular maintenance allows you to identify signs of leaks early and prevent them from worsening. Caulking is the usual fix for small holes, while patching is necessary for larger leaks.

One of the first things we do to minimize the risk of water leakage is ensuring perfect gutter pitch. This way, we eliminate ponding for good. We also combine the strength and resilience of steel and aluminum to prevent wear and corrosion.

Entrust your gutters needs to JBC Contracting. More than just keeping your gutters intact, we can also provide you with a roof certification. This ensures that your roofing system will stand strong for five years even under extreme weather conditions.

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