It’s generally not a good idea to wait until you notice leaks before you start planning for a new roof. Leaks are indicative of severe roofing damage. If you’ve had an expert perform regular maintenance on your roof, you’ve likely received advice on when you should replace your roof. Your trusted roofing company, JBC Contracting, discusses the five benefits of getting a new roof:

5 Benefits of Installing a New Roof for Your Home

  1. Peace of mind If you’ve ever stayed awake at night worrying about whether roof will last the storm, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind a new roof brings. You’ll also enjoy a warm and comfortable interior without worrying about how much it will cost you in terms of energy costs.
  2. Energy efficiency Your roof forms part of an energy envelope, which is essentially a controlled indoor environment designed to minimize heat loss. A new roof enhances the energy envelope by allowing minimal thermal transfer and keeping a constant indoor temperature. This minimizes indoor heating requirements, consequently reducing your energy costs.
  3. Safety You and your family could get exposed to health problems with a roof in need of replacement. Moisture in the attic encourages mold growth, which can cause respiratory problems if not addressed as soon as possible. The same excess moisture could weaken your drywall and support struts. Your trusted roofing contractor, JBC Contracting, can eliminate moisture issues with a new roof.
  4. Curb appeal A new roof is like a blank canvas. It’s an opportunity to start anew and update your home’s looks, boosting its curb appeal. The sheer amount of options offered by your local contractor means that you can achieve the any design you want that will fit your budget.
  5. Warranties Every new roof comes with a new warranty that could stretch from 20 to even 50 years, depending on the brand and material. Imagine not having to think about getting a new roof in the next few decades.

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