A high-quality roof is a combination of components designed to make the whole better than the parts. The shingles may be the only ones you see, but there are various parts that help keep your roof intact for years. As a GAF-certified roofing company, JBC Contracting sheds light on the brand’s Lifetime Roofing System. Here are its layers of protection: 6 Quality Components of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System

  1. Leak Barriers – Leak barriers cover the vulnerable areas of your roof deck. These self-adhering underlayments act as a barrier against wind-driven rain and ice damming. They also minimize the chances of leakage caused by roof settling and extreme weather conditions.

  2. Roof Deck – This extra skin of protection keeps the wooden deck dry and strong for decades. It prevents any water that manages to seep underneath your shingles from wreaking havoc with your home.

  3. Starter Strip Shingles – Installed at the eaves, these strong adhesive strips hold the shingles tight to reduce the risk of blow-off. Any roofer would agree that they also help speed up the installation time.

  4. Lifetime Shingles – GAF Lifetime Shingles come in an impressive range of style and performance. They’re available in stunning color blends, lending your exterior luxury appearance usually associated with wood and slate roofs but at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to Advanced Protection® Technology, GAF shingles deliver superior toughness against intense conditions. Unlike old asphalt roofing products, they feature proprietary glass fiber orientation and premium limestone content. As a result, Lifetime Shingles can stand up to the heat and other harsh elements with exceptional granule adhesion for ageless beauty.

  5. Ridge and Soffit Vents – These special ridge and soffit vents prevent moisture buildup and expel excessive heat. In turn, your attic can maintain an optimal temperature to discourage mold growth and roof deck damage.

  6. Ridge Cap Shingles – These shingles protect the ridge and hips of your GAF roof and create a uniform appearance.

As a credentialed roofing contractor, JBC Contracting can install your complete GAF Lifetime Roofing System to perfection. Our certification also allows us to provide you stronger coverage, too. Call us today at (303) 346-8285 and tell us how you’d like your new GAF roof.