Most of Colorado is mountains, desert lands, and surrounding valleys that greatly affect local climate. Many locals treat the state’s ever-changing climate as one of its charms. Unfortunately, it’s not the same case to your home’s exterior, as the complex climate might take its toll on your home, especially on your roofing.

Reasons to Schedule Roof Touch-Ups This Season

When it comes to these issues, it’s best to consult a leading roofing contractor. Here are the three most common causes of roof damage due to adverse conditions:

  • Storm damage – Violent winds can blow or tear shingles away, while ice from heavy snow build-up can add extra stress to gutters and overhangs. Fall in Colorado stands as an ideal time for roof work. We can better prepare your home for the coming seasons during this time. At JBC Contracting, we can provide the roof touch-up your home will need. Let us check if the system sustained any damage after a storm.
  • Shingle deterioration – Asphalt granules that allow shingles to give protection are blown, chipped, or sloughed off over time. The shingles split easily or blown off once certain amounts of asphalt granules have been lost. This fall, be sure to address this issue before it becomes worse. The friendlier weather will be the perfect opportunity for our team to inspect the roof. Should it need a replacement, we can also provide that specific service.
  • Cracks in the flashing – Water will start to seep into the roof deck once flashings can’t handle the stress. As the flashing should provide the waterproof seal in your roof, it’s best to work with our pros this season. This way, we can provide the service your roof needs right away while the weather is warmer. Additionally, the season is not too busy for most contractors.

The roof is a house’s first line of defense against the adverse effects of the Colorado climate. Managing these roofing issues now can prevent you from spending more money in the future. Fortunately, JBC Contracting is the local trusted roofing company that can step up to this task. We can help you eliminate these problems effectively and immediately, with minimal interruption with your daily routine. We offer only the most reliable exterior services, such as:

  • Roof installation, repair, and replacement
  • Gutter and downspout maintenance
  • Roof certification
  • Insurance claim assistance

We can provide the roofing service you need this fall. At JBC Contracting, we understand that this season is the ideal time to work on your home given the friendly weather. We may recommend a GAF roof, as we can assure your coverage throughout the warranty period. We’ll also make sure that we accommodate you and your family’s safety and comfort. Our team is composed of meticulous roofers. When it comes to ensuring yours and your family’s comfort and safety, trust in the provider that specializes in exterior services.

Schedule for your roof touch-ups now and let our experts do the work. From roof inspections to repairs, JBC Contracting can work with you to meet your home’s needs. Call us today at (303) 346-8285. You may also fill out our contact form.