It takes a series of right decisions to make your roof and gutter replacement successful. A single major flaw might haunt you long after the job is done.

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At JBC Contracting, our ultimate goal is to guide you toward making sound judgments from start to finish. Considering you’re not supposed to replace your roof and gutters ever again, you should get everything right to avoid premature failures and unnecessary stresses.

To make the most of your replacement project, don’t make these mistakes:

Getting Sold on Price Alone

Everybody wants to keep things within the budget, but going for the lowest bidder isn’t necessarily financially smart. In home improvement, you always get what you pay for. In hopes of saving money, you’d most likely end up spending more dollars later on to fix problems due to material defect and poor workmanship.

Price matters, but it shouldn’t be your sole criteria for buying replacement roof and gutter systems and hiring a contractor. Some products cost more because they’re tougher than others; some roofers charge slightly higher because of the proficiency and reputation they bring to the table. If you need to spend a bit more initially to minimize your gutter and roof repair and maintenance costs down the road, do it.

Skimping on Product Research

Many homeowners make the wrong choice because they fail to do enough homework. Hasty decisions usually make a disaster. As much as you want to take pleasure from the sight of your new roofing and gutter systems, don’t rush into things. Take your time, study the unique characteristics of each material, and mull over your choices before finalizing them.

At JBC Contracting, we offer a large variety of roofing and gutter products. We strive to expand our selection to give you plenty of leeway to choose and imagine countless design possibilities. We understand the challenge of cherry-picking, which is why we’re dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. During the initial appointment, we’ll listen to your needs, capture your vision, and offer you sound advice.

Hiring Someone Uninsured

Insurance protects you financially. If someone gets hurt in your home in the middle of the job or property damage happens, your contractor should shoulder the liability.  Without ample coverage, however, you might end up unfairly holding the bag.

Don’t put yourself into that situation. If you hire us for your roof and gutter replacement, you can rest assured that our company can take care of the damages, if any. We carry adequate liability and workers’ compensation insurance to provide you absolute peace of mind.

Be it re-roofing or roof certification, JBC Contracting is the name you can trust. Call us today at (303) 346-8285 to schedule your appointment and get your free estimate.