Your roof shouldn’t just complement your home’s other exterior design elements; it should also go well with your landscape. If you pull off a stunning home-garden connection, the prize is marvelous curb appeal.


In today’s post, JBC Contracting provides you excellent advice on making your replacement roof harmonize with the natural features surrounding your home. Use these smart tips:

Choose a Forgiving Color

Any decent roofing contractor would recommend a color that’s safe to work with. A great rule of thumb is to choose something that could blend well with most hues. So that if the outcome isn’t as visually pleasing as you imagine, the result wouldn’t seem too jarring.

Since you’re trying to complement the colors of nature, consider a dark earth tone for your roof. This way, it could create visual harmony with your yard trees and hardscape’s pieces of rock.

Have a Common Denominator

To create a sense of continuity and cohesiveness, think of a feature your roof, siding, and plants all share. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a color; texture makes a great unifying element too. Textural diversity lends interest to your home and rounds out your overall exterior design. However, any similarity in tactile quality among surfaces wouldn’t look bad if it’s the right idea and execution.

Our roofing company offers different materials to match the textures of your landscape and hardscape. From dimensional, slate-looking asphalt shingles to rugged, stone-coated steel shakes, you never have to settle with anything you don’t completely love. We’ll help you go over our product options, compare and contrast them, and choose the perfect one for your home.

Accentuate Geometry

Apart from color and texture, shapes and patterns are prominent features you shouldn’t ignore. You can make your roof reconcile with its environment by accentuating its long lines, squares, or rectangles. For instance, if you decorate your outdoor spaces with terra-cotta pottery, choosing red barrel tiles feels likes a natural match. If your masonry feature clean lines, picking shingles over shakes is a smart decision with the former’s even cuts.

As the premier roofer in the Denver area and beyond, you can rely JBC Contracting’s expertise and experience to get your roof design right. Call us today at (303) 346-8285 to schedule your appointment and get a free estimate.