When a major hailstorm swept through The Pinery, I had the extremely good fortune to meet Jim Cambron, who replaced my roof. Ever since that time, I have recommended Jim to all of my clients and friends who needed roofing repairs or roofing replacements. There has been nothing but the highest praise for Jim’s work from every one of them.

As a Realtor, I often need a prompt response to meet contract inspection deadlines. Along with his years of experience and the superior quality of his work, Jim responds to call ASAP. This can be critical when we need something ‘yesterday’ to keep a contract moving to closing!

Jim’s demeanor and integrity have always impressed me, as well. He is ‘honest as the day is long’. He is also truly local, not one of the out-of-state ‘carpet-baggers’ who sprout like mushrooms after hailstorms. I have found his estimates to be very competitive.

I heartily recommend Jim Cambron to anyone needing roofing work.